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What ingredients are used in your products?

-Our products are formulated from the finest and purest natural ingredients. All our products are clinically tested, so your safety is definitely guaranteed. You will achieve flawless skin with zero future side effects.

Will using your products on my skin give me stretchmarks?

-None of our products will cause you to have stretchmarks. Anti-stretch marks and collagen-enhancing properties have been infused in all our products, which will prevent the formation of new stretch marks and also shrink, minimize and erase pre-existing stretchmarks.

Will your products cause me to have dark knuckles?

-None of our products will darken any areas of your body. Our products have natural hyperpigmentation healing properties which will prevent you from having dark knuckles.

Are your products suitable for men?

-Yes, our products can definitely be used by men. We also have products specially formulated for babies, children and pregnant women. Your safety is 100% guaranteed.

Do you have products for dark skin?

⁃ Yes, we do. At Sims Skincare and Spa, we cater to all skin tones and varying skin types. With our brand, every skin shade is treated as top priority.

How much brighter can my skin get using your products?

⁃ With our products, you can achieve at least 2-3shades brighter healthy skin. The level of skin brightness that you will achieve is highly dependent on the set of our products used.

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